I’ll be right back…


Rewind to January 2016. C’s college buddy and girlfriend came up from the Cape to spend the weekend with us. We didn’t share what we were going through with them but regardless, we still were cycling during their visit. Which meant, in the wee hours of the morning, on a Saturday, I had to sneak out and get blood work and an ultrasound done. This was actually the first appointment C skipped. It is so silly when I think about it. Being sneaky is not easy. Before their arrival C and I discussed how we would do this. We planned that I would leave the house at 7 am, head to the clinic for my appointment, and try to run back before everyone woke up, and we would head to breakfast. Of course, because I seem to have this type of fate, the appointment lasted SO SO long. It was like the DMV on a Saturday. I didn’t get home until almost 9:45 am. I felt terrible. They were all waiting to go to breakfast. And my dumb excuse was “I had to go walk the dog.” They probably were thinking, Yeah…you left at 7 am, we heard the garage door…

The night before I had to go to my morning appointment, we had to do shots. We were all in the basement watching a movie. I texted C, who was sitting next to me and said “it’s time for shots.” I pretended I was going to get everyone more cheese and crackers, and C was going to get a drink. We ran upstairs and he gave me two shots in my stomach as fast as possible. These two shots were the kind that burned terribly and that I needed an ice pack for afterwards. He said, “Good job J, you are so strong” and ran back downstairs. I had grabbed an ice pack from the freezer on my way up to get the shots so I sat for a minute, the cold ice pack provided some relief, and I cried for a second and then laughed about how crazy this all was. I went back downstairs and served the crackers and cheese. No one knew anything.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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