June 2014 –  married

July 2014- the start of TTC (trying to conceive)

January 2015- started to really worry something was wrong with one of us

March 2015- met with my OBGYN/ who sent me to the Center

May 2016- diagnosed with DOR

July 2015- round 1 of IUI with clomid = failed

August 2015- round 2 of iui with clomid = failed

September 2015- met with Dr. E to discuss moving ahead with  IVF

October 2015- round 1 of IVF = canceled after 6 days of stim shots (shots that make you produce and release many eggs)

November/December 2015- round 2 of IVF = made it to retrieval-2 eggs- mature, but didn’t fertilize.  What constitutes a mature egg?

“The 46 chromosomes in the human egg begin to segregate to divide in two. This process, known as meiosis or maturational division is designed to leave the mature egg (MII) with precisely 23 chromosomes in its egg nucleus. The remaining 23 are expelled from the egg nucleus (enveloped on a thin membrane) and come to lie in the viteline space (located between the outer membrane of the egg (the oolema) and the egg’s outer shell (envelopment) or zona pellucida. The purpose of the expulsion of this so called first polar body (PB-1) is to ensure that following fertilization by a mature spematazoon (whose chromosome number has also been reduced from 46 to 23), the resulting embryo so propagated would have regain the full quota of 46 chromosomes that makes up the human genome.”

January/February 2016 – round 3 of IVF = retrieval – 3 eggs- 2 of them mature- 2 fertilize! Made it to transfer (day 3- 2 beautifully perfect 8 cell blasts put in to my uterus- we were so proud) = After 14 long long days of waiting, negative pregnancy test

March/April 2016- round 4 of IVF = 6 follicles, 4 eggs retrieved, 3 mature, 2 didn’t fertilize at all, 1 fertilized abnormally and then stopped growing = another failed round. nothing made it. nothing to freeze.

May 2, 2016- meeting with Dr. E to discuss how to proceed. Decided to wait for a plan to try my eggs again and in the meantime start looking for a donor.

May 2, 2016- went home and started search this egg bank Dr. E told us about. We found a donor online that night, unexpectedly. She far exceeded any other donor we had ever seen in the past. Loved her profile but there were not pictures.

May 3,2016- received email with pictures of donor.

May 6, 2016- purchased 2 out of 3 cohorts of this donor’s eggs. *12 total*

May 16, 2016- ship date

May 17, 2016- cohort arrives at the center and stay frozen until we are ready to fertilize. Once they are fertilized they will need to grow for 5 days. At this point we will know how many embryos we have. If we have several, we will transfer 1-2 and freeze the rest. If there is nothing, then we start the whole process again, and the $30,000 goes bye bye.

 June 2016- starting meds to prepare my uterine lining to accept embryos. Transfer will be sometime in July! 

July 12, 2016- 2 five day blasts transfered. We will know how many will freeze in a few days!

July 2016 (can’t remember the specific date ) we found out that only two embryos made it to the point they can be cryopreserved. This is better than nothing, but we were hoping for a couple more. We will pay $1000 a year to keep them in storage until we want to try again. 

 July 19- 2 days befofe first beta-first positive pregnancy test

Beta 1- 472

Beta 2- 1084

Beta 3- 7822

Beta 4- 51,636


August 12- Found out we are having twins!!

November 9- Found out we are having a boy and a girl!

Due date- March 30, 2017

C section scheduled- March 21 (Iranian New Year!)

February 3- spent 4 nights in the hospital due to pre term labor. Docs were able to stop it. Went home and on modified bedrest.

March 8- Our Miracles arrived!! Conor Daniel at 4:59 pm and Claire Rishelle at 5:01 pm.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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