signed, sealed delivered, they’re ours!

Well, its a done deal. C called today to pay for our two cohorts. We officially own these 12 eggs. My clinic and the egg bank will communicate about the shipment of the eggs. We had an option to store some of the eggs at the bank to fertilize later, but we feel it is important to fertilize all of them at the same time, for many reasons, which I won’t get into now.

It seems that the clinic doesn’t advise buying the eggs first before going to talk to the therapist. Which I totally get. But, like I have stated before, we felt a connection with this donor. We read through a lot of profiles. No one came close. She also has similar features to me. We couldn’t wait and risk losing this chance. We have also done hours and hours of talking, crying, reaching out to our support team (family and friends) and blogging. We are on the same page. We know what this means, now and long term. That is why we both felt okay moving forward.

Our two appointments are also booked with the therapist. She will be a great help and hopefully will help me/us sort through our feelings. She also will go over talking to our child one day about our story and how they came to be. I think this may be the most loved and wanted kid/kids in the world!! I also hope to share this blog with them one day so they can see our journey. And how it led to them.
That’s it for now..stay tuned and fingers crossed we have some good news soon.

Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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