getting our ducks in a row.

We had our second appointment yesterday with our therapist. Phew, glad it’s over! This one went a lot better than the last one did. I felt nervous about how and when in the meeting we would “plead our case”. Right off the bat she said we would go over NEL’s profile first and then talk more about the waiting period. Once we started talking about how and why we were drawn to NEL, the therapist seemed to feel much more comfortable with letting us move forward. She had read through the profile prior to our appointment to prepare for our talk. Since we had done things out of order (buying the eggs before meeting with the therapist) she was very concerned we didn’t think about everything there is to think about before making such an investment. The more and more we talked, it was clear she was proud of our decision and backed us 100%. She was impressed that we did in fact think of this from every angle possible, even before meeting with her. We are lucky to live in such an age where there are so many resources online such as blogs and podcasts. Everything I have read and listened to has been very helpful, especially since I don’t have anyone I can turn to who is going through this right now.

 The 3 month wait, that she was so focused on last meeting, became less important as we explained that this has been something we had been thinking about for the past 6 months at least. We had done our research, we have and will continue to cry and feel upset at times, write more and think about everything and anything. When will our child ask where babies come from? Will they be proud of NEL? Will they want to meet her one day? Will our children have 20 half siblings out there? What will our baby look like? Will it really even matter? Will they be thankful we did this or will they resent us one day? Believe me. My mind never stops racing, especially at night. 
We actually told our therapist we were glad that we didn’t know about the 3 month wait rule before meeting with her, because if we had, we wouldn’t have gone ahead with picking NEL. The timing of everything makes me feel that it all happened the way it was intended to.
C and I both felt better walking away from the meeting. The next step is to talk with my new nurse once Dr. E gives her the plan. We are all clear and ready to get our ducks in a row. There are many more documents to sign and we have to have insurance accept this next cycle. The two cohorts will be arrive to our clinic May 24th. Fingers and toes crossed they are good eggs that fertilize.

Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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