onward and upward.

We just got back from our meeting with our new nurse. My last nurse was so great that when I heard I had to have a new one through the donor program, I was so upset. I never thought I’d have someone as kind. Well, we hit the nurse jackpot again! We will call her Katie. Nurse Katie was a labor and delivery nurse for the past 25 years and has now been apart of the Third Party Donor program for the past 2 years.

Katie was so kind and friendly right off the bat. She made us feel so comfortable and excited about the process. She is such a warm and comforting person which is so important in this field! I felt like she was one of my family members and like I’ve known her for years. We started by going over the consent paperwork (agreeing to let them transfer embryos in me that were created using the donor eggs, deciding what we would we do with left over embryos if we got a divorce or if one of us/both of us died, and all those fun questions! We also went over a loose timetable of when meds and blood work would start.

I told her we received more pictures of our donor this morning and she was excited to see them. The egg bank has all donors get professional pictures done. They take these pictures in a natural setting and ask them not to wear any makeup. She looked exactly the way we thought she would. The only picture we don’t have is a side profile. Other than that we have a good idea of what she looks like. She’s a natural beauty. It’s nice to have some more pictures of her to share with our kids one day.The second I showed Katie she said, “oh my gosh! I see so much of you in her” (she pointed to her nose and mouth). I don’t know why her opinion mattered to me, but it made me feel good. I know it doesn’t matter at the end of the day, but to me it’s nice to know we found someone who looks similar. The pictures we received today made me realize even more how much she has my smile, cheeks and teeth shape. Looking at her pictures still makes me feel at peace.The same way I felt when I saw her pictures for the first time. And I’m thankful for that.

C and I got some more blood work done today (3 vials for him and 7 for me…aghh), and I will need to get one more thing done next week. It’s a procedure called a sonohysterogram or sono for short, where they measure your uterus and make sure everything looks good in there. I did this procedure last May as well.  It’s not the least bit comfortable, but it’s necessary. They like to have their patents get it done every six months just to make sure there are no surprises come transfer day.

My next appointment after the Sono will be on June 8 and shortly after I will start preparing my body for the transfer (which will take many many weeks). Assuming everything goes well, and the eggs fertilized, we should have our transfer sometime in July. We are not sure on specific dates at this point. But it sure is nice to have a general idea and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I start my shots, I will continue them for (brace yourself) three long months! The goal is to stop at 11.5 weeks pregnant. The reason for all the shots is, when a woman uses her own eggs, when the egg is released from the follicle, it produces hormones that help aid the pregnancy. Because we are using donor eggs, there won’t be a shell of an egg left over to do so. Once I get to the 11.5 week mark, the placenta will take the place of what the egg shells were doing, and will produce the hormones needs so I can stop all those darn shots!! 

Two shots, every day, followed by estrogen patches, and an aspirin daily is the plan. They also may work in estrogen pills as well if needed. These are all things that will help support my body to ensure the embryo(s) not only implant, but that they continue to grow. And that is our ultimate goal. I will also go in for weekly blood work and sometimes ultrasounds. A benefit to using donor eggs is the timeline is a bit flexible. When I was cycling on my own with my own eggs, each appointment was scheduled almost to the hour. Everything was so important. You couldn’t miss a day. Katie mentioned that if something ever came up, I could always get blood work done the next day. It doesn’t seem as time sensitive since we aren’t dealing with my actual ovaries producing follicles and eggs. Every appointment is still very important but there is a little bit of wiggle room if needed. 

We also discussed the possibility of transferring two embryos, like we did with my last transfer. They don’t advise we do that with donor eggs. It is ultimately up to us, but it is the safest to have a singleton. There is a higher chance of multiples when using donor eggs because the quality of them tend to be much higher. Also there is a 25% chance that it could split and become twins ( or so the nurse said–not sure if I understood that right.) So imagine if we put two embryos in and they both split and we ended up with quadruplets!? Again, highly unlikely, but possible. All we want is a healthy child.

At this point I feel more at peace and somewhat hopeful now that a plan is coming along. It changes day to day, and sometimes minute to minute. But now we are truly off and running. Our nurse told us that the therapist was incredibly impressed with us. They followed that by saying, she almost never says that about anyone. I guess we pleaded our case well!

Nurse Katie kept laughing anytime I would say something or ask a (crazy) question. She told me I was making her day and she knew she liked me from our first email exchange. I annoyingly wrote her an email and then pushed send, and then would think of another question and email again, and so on and so forth. Bless her heart that she thinks that’s a positive. She would look at Chris and say, “how cute is she? how could you not love this girl?!” I said, see that! He’s a lucky guy…even though my eggs are bad! HA Listen, ya gotta laugh through this craziness! She then said to me,  “I can guarantee the donor isn’t as cute as you” (to my future child reading this, she didn’t mean looks wise! And I am sure our donor has a lovely personality–you can tell from her turtle story) I’m not sure what I was saying that was so funny. Perhaps because shortly after sitting down I started off our conversation with something like “hi nice to meet you finally…please tell me the bank never messes up and sends the wrong eggs! I can’t end up pregnant with (inset anyone who looks the complete opposite of me) eggs! She laughed and assured me it has never happened at this place. She then told me I reminded her of the actress in the new movie You Before Me. I’ll have to watch it to see what she means.

Anyhow, as you can see, we hit it off. I am thankful she thinks my OCD crazy personality where I ask sometimes inappropriate questions and say inappropriate things is cute and not super annoying. She said I could even call and email her million times a day with my questions. She will regret telling me that 🙂 She also told me to stay off the internet and to stop googling things. How does she know?? Ha.

We are so lucky to have such a supportive new team to help us through this. Her financial lady “Debbie” who is from London, has the most amazing accent and I could listen to her for hours and hours, even if shes telling us we our her $5,000 more  🙂 The two of them make quite the pair. My insurance cleared us, blood work is done, Sono is scheduled for next week and now we wait for June 8 and we will be off and running. For now I will enjoy shot free nights.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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