all clear.

I write this still in a woozy state. Gosh I’m a light weight! One Valium and I feel like I’m a senior in college after a night of drinking (and for me that was 3 drinks. 🍷🍷🍷)

Dr E was happy to see me today and shared how happy he is for us that we have decided to move on with donor eggs. He suggested we transfer 2 embryos since thats what we did last time. It is something for C and me to think about. It all depends on how many viable embryos we get and the rating. Twins can be awesome but risky. We have a few weeks to think it over. 👭

My Sono went well, other than some pain from the nurse pushing the saline in wayyy too fast (ouch!!) and the doc says everything looks good. Glad it’s over and one more thing to ☑️ off the list. 

Just driving up to the clinic today made me excited to know our eggs were in that very building! What a change in feelings since I usually dread driving there. My mother in law was free today and kind enough to drive me in. Good thing because me ➕ Valium ➕🚗 = no good.

June 8, I’m ready for ya! 


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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