so much red tape.

My meds finally arrived today, which is nothing short of a miracle. When we had Aetna it was super easy. My doctor signed off on my meds, my nurse called the special pharmacy and the pharmacy would reach out to me for payment. I didn’t have to worry about anything else. This time was a nightmare. My new insurance requires me to use a new special pharmacy. My nurse mentioned at my last appointment that she would call everything in to my pharmacy and they would contact me.

After four days went by, I had  feeling something wasn’t right. I reached out to my nurse and she said she faxed everything over. I decided to give the new pharmacy a call to see if they got the script. They claimed they didn’t. I emailed my nurse and told her to try again. I called again. Nothing. After several hours on the phone with the pharmacy, I finally got a hold of someone who knew something. She told me that the financial lady at my clinic called the wrong pharmacy, and that we had to use a different one. At this point I was furious. We were 7 days away from when I was going to cycle again. I like to have all my meds at least one week before shots start. This way, if anything was wrong with the order, we would have a couple days to figure it out.

Long story short, I got ahold of my insurance rep who was very kind, and she kept working with me until we figured out which pharmacy to use. Again, this should have all been taken care of by my financial rep at the clinic. I suggested my insurance rep contact my financial rep to talk on the phone to sort things out. Everything was getting out of hand and I was being looped in to costs and availability of drugs and what percentage of which meds would be covered. So unnecessary for me and the last thing I need. The first pharmacy (the wrong one) kept telling me my major meds weren’t covered and that the cost of just one drug would be $32,000. I was on hold while my insurance lady called my clinic. 

The nice insurance rep came back on the phone after talking to my clinic and sounded like she was going to cry. She informed me that my financial rep was screaming at her and not letting her get a word in. She had to finally hang up on her (which I don’t blame her) and that is when she clicked back over to me. Now I was trying to calm my insurance lady down. What in the hell? You can not make this sh*t up. She kept saying she was trying to explain everything but the woman just wouldn’t hear it. What it comes down to is my financial woman screwed up, I needed my meds now in the next 6 days, it takes time for insurance and the pharmacy to prepare everything, and she knew she was in trouble. Yelling at the poor insurance lady wasn’t helpful and it just made me more upset. I emailed my lady at the clinic and had to get very stern. I explained that I didn’t get what was going on, I could not be involved anymore and that I just needed my meds asap.

Several hours later, the pharmacy called and everything got sorted out. My insurance won’t cover the whole amount of one of the meds I need so I had to pay out of pocket. Thankfully, it is a lot less than $32,000, so we are fine with that.

Everything is now sprawled out on my kitchen counter and when C gets home, we will go through it all to make sure they sent the correct items. Wednesday is my next appointment and that is when I will get blood work done. The test will show if I have ovulated or not yet. If I have, then we are good to start shots that night. If I haven’t yet, I will need to go in again for bloodwork Thursday and every day until my bloodwork shows ovulation happened. I will get my shots nightly between 7-9 pm. That will start the long long long process of shots every night for the next 3-4 months. That is our goal. Currently I feel a bit numb. I still often feel that I am watching someone else’s life on some TLC show. I am excited to start but also scared. Almost scared that it is going to work. Yes, we have been waiting for this for a LONG time. It is just still surreal thinking I will be using another woman’s egg. Also I am fearful that I will be on these drugs for the next 4 weeks, and for some reason I won’t have anything to transfer back in. We still need to have the eggs fertilized. Of course I am excited for that as well. We have been waiting for what seems to be a hundred years for an answer. We picked our donor, we have many reasons to still feel good about her, and we just hope we will have good news soon.



Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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