round 7! 

We got the go ahead to start shots tonight. My bloodwork this morning tested my progesterone levels to see if I had ovulated yet, and I did! I’m glad I don’t have to drive into the city again tomorrow during rush hour for more bloodwork. 

I prepared the syringe with the medicine and had C administer it. It was only 10 units so it was very quick going in. Last cycle I was on one med that took 30 seconds to go in because the volume was so high and it felt like gasoline being poured into an opened wound. So this, I can handle! This medicine that I am taking is called Lupron. It will tell my system to shut down and not work to ovulate. I will stay on this for at least a month. 

The next drug they will add to my line up is estrogen. This will be taken in the form of patches that I put on my body, and I will take an estrogen pill every day. Those will continue until I am 11 weeks pregnant, Lord willing. 

The last med I will be incorporating into my lovely nightly routine is progesterone oil. Oh yes, it’s as fun as it sounds. It’s a thick oil that you have to warm in your hands or under your arm pit (while in the syringe) to loosen it up before it is given. It is administered in my lower back. Yes, it’s painful and yes, it’s hard to sit or sleep every day after I take it. Not fun at all, but totally worth it! That’s it for now folks. Not much to update on other than that. The next week or so should be quiet. 

Bloodwork 💉- ✔️

Night 1 of shots- ✔️


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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