embryo transfer round #2 eve.

I found a video that shows what they will do tomorrow. Click the link and scroll down to see video. Fingers crossed this time takes and that we have a few embryos to freeze for later use. 

I will pick up my Valium after work, which will help me relax during the procedure. After it is done, they will wheel me back into the recovery room and have me continue to lay down for about 30 minutes, then I am free to go. Once I get home I will be on bed rest for the next 48 hours. Getting up to pee or to get a snack is fine. 

During the actual procedure, C is not allowed to come into the OR. He will wait for me in the recovery room. Last time we had this done, they mentioned one day   they hope to have a camera system set up in the recovery room so the partner can watch the ultrasound monitor as they perform the transfer. You can literally see the embryos leave the catheter and get placed into the uterus. I’ve seen it once and it is wild. I wish that was already a possibility now so he could watch! 

I will go for bloodwork again Friday to make sure my progesterone and estrogen levels are good and then the next appointment is for the beta test which tells me if I’m pregnant. We will know if this all works in about two weeks or so. Depending on the outcome and how we feel, I may not post any news right away. So please be patient! 



Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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