the buns are in the oven.

I am home and resting now. Everything went well. They like you to have a full bladder before the transfer. I tried drinking enough water beforehand, but mine was a bit less full than they wanted, but said it was ok. After about 5 minutes of prep, they transfered two 5 day embryos. It was pretty painless, uncomfortable, but manageable. 

After it was done they had me rest in the OR for 5 minutes before having me scootch over to a different bed to be taken back to the recovery room where C was waiting. The nurse told me to just lay down and relax. The only issue is I felt like there was still a speculum in me. I waited a minute or so and finally said, “Excuse me.. something is still down there” the nurse said, “oh you may just feel some fluid come out.” I assured her that this was NOT fluid lol. Sure enough she lifts he blanket and was like, “Oh my!” The doctor not only left the speculum in, but it was fully cranked open. Yeah… not comfortable. She took it out and said that’s only happened one other time in her years of doing this ! 

I was reunited with C and rested for 30 minutes. I laughed as I told him what happened. The doctor himself came in and said “oops! I heard I left you a gift” he said that hadn’t happened to him once in 30 years.  I told him as long as the embryos are in there right, we’re all good! 

We left and C got us some fresh juice and now I am hanging out on the couch. Below are a few pictures: One of the pictures is of our two, 5 days blasts that are now in my uterus. Another is of the embryos actually placed in my uterus right after the transfer. You will see a white dot in the center of the black area. That is actually the sack of fluid they are in. You can’t actually see the embryos themselves though. 

The good news is there are still 7 more embryos they are watching in the lab. The doctor is hopeful we will be able to freeze about 2-4. Highly unlikely all 7 would make it though. We will know in a few days how many were freezeable. 🙏🙏

We will know the results of our beta test in about 2 weeks. The embryos should implant in the next day or so. It takes time for the HCG hormone to be detected and that is why they don’t have you test right away.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.

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