2 blueberries.

(The BABIES!!!!!! are the size of a blueberry)

Today I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. This morning I went in for blood work and to have our first ultrasound. I have been nervous before many of our appointments but this one takes the cake. This is the moment we get to see the proof of our labor. Of the hundreds of shots, appointments, pills, tears and mostly prayers, this is the moment of truth. Yes, our beta numbers have been great, but after everything I have been through, I am so skeptical. The proof is in…my stomach! 

C and I both got do antsy before going into the room. I started getting into my fake positive speech, “ok if there is nothing in there we still have 2 more frozen ones!” The doctor and my nurse came in and I said, “let’s get this show on the road!!” I held my breath and the probe went in. I was so scared that there wouldn’t even be a heartbeat. I could see a big black space and then all of a sudden a sack. It looked empty and I got nervous but he zoomed it and OMG there was a baby and a heartbeat. It was surreal to see. It looked like an alien! I just kept saying omg omg omg. Then he moved the probe around and oh my Lord there was another sack and another heartbeat. I put my hands to my face, and a flood of emotions washed over me and I absolutely lost it. C was holding my hand and we both just couldn’t believe it. We knew it was a possibility, and from our high beta numbers we knew it probably was too,  but nothing is for certain. We have waited for so so long and finally, twin A and twin B, and in that moment, it was finally real. I then started saying loudly, “Is there are third?! Tell me there isn’t! Ha” At first the doctor wasn’t saying anything so I got nervous that there was a third, but there wasnt. 

Twin A measured 7 weeks 1 day and Twin B measured 7 weeks 2 days, both perfectly on track. Heartbeats were 149 and 151 so both normal. They are also both in their separate  sacks.

I will continue weekly ultrasounds to keep an eye on their growth and weekly blood work to make sure meds are good.

I am still pretty sick and exhausted and hoping it passes when I reach month 3. Below are my ultrasound pictures and a funny find I found at a tag sale. I didn’t buy them but thought it may be a sign! 


Author: JPK

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