10.5 weeks.

So an update from last post, I only lasted a couple days with the IV in my arm at home.  The nurse put the smallest catheter in so it was taking 5 hours for a 1 liter bag.  It was ridiculous and my arm was so sore. I had my mom take it out and she said that’s the catheter they use on babies. I may be small but I’m not that small LOL. So I’m really trying to do well on drinking even though it’s hard, but I don’t want another IV.

 Both babies look like they are doing well. Their heartbeats are nice and strong and they both are measuring at 10 and a half weeks and 4 cm.They made me really sick this morning before my appointment, so unfortunately  I lost all the liquid I worked so hard to drink right before ! 

We got to see their arms, legs and feet very clearly, and they both were moving so much! They’re going to be a little soccer players like C. It’s crazy how fast they grow. We will see them again on ultrasound in about a week in a half. It is still so surreal seeing them on the screen. I can’t believe they are in me. 

So greatful babies look good, me on thr other hand..I’m still pretty sick most of the time. I lost another 2 pounds but I keep going back and forth between 107 and 110. As long as they don’t drop under hundred and seven pounds we should be ok. Drinking is still tough so when I feel okay I try to drink as much as I can. 

My sister was here this weekend and we had a joint 30th birthday party for me and C. Thankfully I felt pretty good most of the time. The next day she wanted to take me out to the store but I had no energy so she actually push me in a wheelchair (ahh) it was actually so much better than and I didn’t feel as drained leaving. Just walking in the store to get a gallon of milk makes me tired.

I had a dream last night I was having two boys. But the night before I jumped one was a girl. So who knows! The anatomy scan is between week 18-20 so we will know soon enough..

Baby A is on the bottom, Baby B is on top and you can see both of their heads in the middle picture.


Author: JPK

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