11 weeks.

Wahooo!! My nurse just called and said I’m officially done with shots and weekly blood work and discharged from the clinic. This means we don’t have to be home every night at 7 pm for the dreaded progesterone oil shot. We had to do that every night for about 10 weeks. She said “J, now you are like any other pregnant lady out in the world” It’s nice to be “normal”.

Now I just need to kick this nausea and terrible headaches so I can feel better. I am still home trying to stay up on eating and drinking. I’m having longer periods where I feel ok but then it hits, and I have to get in bed. I am hopeful by the end of week 12 I’ll feel even better. For now, it’s day time TV, Gatorade, occasional vomiting, and classical baby music on Pandora near my tummy. It’s never too early to start stimulating their brains. The first song that came on was Cannon in D, my favorite classical song and the song I walked down the isle to at our wedding. ❤❤


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.