12 weeks 1 day.

We had our scan today for down syndrome. Both babies appear to have normal necks. They also took my blood to send off to analize for a couple things related to downs. (Update: blood tests came back with normal numbers and very low chance of downs) But, to be clear, these tests aren’t 100%, especially with the blood test and it being multiples. Either way the scan gave us some insight, and things looked good. 

Both heartbeats are strong, 158 and 156. Both measuring 12 weeks and a day. Baby A was cooperative and even waved to us, but Baby B wasn’t a fan. The ultrasound tech was super nice and said she could guess the genders at this point. There are certain things they can look at and by measurement they can guess. So she was thinking one is a girl and the other may be a boy, but not as sure as she seemed about the girl. So we will see November 9 at our anatomy scan! 


Author: JPK

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