We had a great trip but man am I happy to be home! It was very tiring walking around the city and zoo and being in the car was super tough. I threw up on 3 out of our 5 flights and 1 time after a flight and in the car. So gross. 

We had a scare yesterday. I woke up from a nap and realize I was bleeding a little. Red blood = worst nightmare. I started screaming for C. We called the OB and got in right away. After doing an exam and listening for heartbeats, she said we should be okay. I am still spotting a bit but it isn’t that red fresh blood. She also did an ultrasound and we got to see them. I can’t remember ever being that scared before. I was shaking waiting to be seen. I lost it and was in tears when we heart their hearts. I’m hoping everything continues to be okay. The doctor said sometimes this happens and they don’t know why. The only plus is we got to see them on ultrasound. Praying they are ok. Will keep an eye on the spotting. My next appointment is this Friday.

My belly is starting to grow and I think finally I’m starting to less nauseous. Today was my first day back at work and I did pretty well, just tired from the time change. Here is a picture from this past Saturday. I was mid plucking my eye brows, so ignore the tweezers in my hand. 


Author: JPK

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