Gender Reveal 

20 weeks and 3 days today and it was time to share the news!! C and I went to have our anatomy scan last Wednesday. My goal was to make it until Thanksgiving before telling anyone the genders. Who was I kidding? On Friday at I decided to have everyone over today.

 My sister came and help me make the cakes last night. It took way longer than I thought and we are both exhausted but it was fun. Here’s some pictures below. Both babies looked great at the scan and were measuring about a week ahead. They are about the size of a can of soda each and the length of a dollar bill. I feel pretty good, minus the aches and pains of getting bigger, occasionally still throw up but am doing well. I’m really starting to feel movement which is the coolest thing ever.  I even took my first prenatal yoga class today. I kept thinking to myself, whose body is this? Standing in tree pose is a lot harder with two babies in the belly.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.