23 weeks 6 days

Tomorrow I am 6 months! It seems like we are closer to the finish line now. I had my fetal echocardiograms today. Both my mom and MIL were able to come, which was nice.

Both babies looked great. The doc kept saying how photogenic their hearts are. We got to see baby girl sucking her thumb and sitting on her brother’s head! He was still not being so cooperative. They were able to see more of his face this time but we’re unable to get his whole brain. They think everything looks good. 

She is 1 lb 7 oz and he is 1lb 8 oz. Both in the 55-58th percentile. Healthy looking and slight overachievers! I can feel them kicking non stop and some punches. I even got to feel a hiccup today when the doc pointed it out. C is able to feel them moving now which is so cool. 

I feel pretty good, getting bigger and more out of breath. Sitting on the couch is getting to be hard since reclining puts lots of pressure on my lungs. 

Our next appontment is Jan 11 with Maternal Fetal Medicine, but I get to see my OB next week.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.