Last day of work and 2017.

I didn’t picture going out by 27 weeks but Baby boy flipped and his head is under my ribs. The pain is so excruciating at times, all I can do is get on my left side to relieve it. It’s hard to do that at work. In the past two weeks I’ve called out twice due to pain and gone home early twice. I even brought a pillow and yoga mat to attempt to sleep on during my lunch break. The second I get up, the pain is back. It’s a long 8.5 hours in an office when you can barely breathe. 

I talked to C and my doc and we all decided it’s not worth suffering through. Being home allows me to rest and be more comfortable. I am only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable. He may move again which would take pressure off my ribs but for now that’s were he is, and he seems content. 

I can feel so much movement and stronger movement! It’s the coolest thing and never gets old. Before, when they were smaller, I could feel quick kicks but now it’s full on body movements. The other day you could see the imprint of both of their bodies, one on each side of me, two little lumps. I play music for them (True Colors- Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick “Trolls” movie version) and I think they like it based on how they both were moving like waves across my stomach. 

So now begins my time at home. Honestly it felt weird leaving yesterday. I went in just trying to see if I could get through the day, but it was apparent by 9:15 that this what my situation is. My boss told everyone 2 hours before it was time to go so people trickled in to say bye. I packed up my office, since I’m not ever going back, and shut my door. I stood there for a moment and was in shock, like, is this really happening? People who came to say bye would ask if it was for good. Of course I told them I plan on coming back. And the truth is you never know! Life is funny sometimes, but our plan is not to. The past year has been so bad there anyhow that I would never put my babies in daycare for anything to spend the day there where management is ungrateful and just overall terrible. No way. I’m so greatful C has such a good job and we can do this. So, closing out 2016 with lots of changes and welcoming in 2017. What a year of growth for us (literally). I will spend my times before they come “nesting” as they say and trying to stay active when I can.

 2017, here we come as a family of four!


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.