March 1!

We made it to March and it feels like a huge accomplishment!! I can’t believe we are meeting our babies before this month is through. 

Tomorrow is 36 weeks and even though I am growing more uncomfortable each day, I know how crucial and beneficial everyday inside me is. Good job babies!
I have been craving a steak dinner from J Gilberts for a while now. But there’s no way I could go to the restaurant and sit down to have a meal. I’m on about a 10 minute rotation at this point at home. I can be up for a little bit and then I have to sit, and then I have to lay down. Laying down on my left side has always been  what saves me.  Baby girl is so far up my ribs that even laying down  is uncomfortable. Anyhow! C went and picked us up dinner aftet work and it was yummy. So greatful for everything he does to make this time easier for me.


Author: JPK

29 MWF in search of motherhood.